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Atlanta, GA Run N′ Shoot (Atlanta)

‘Spyda’ earned his street name while playing ball at The Run N’ Shoot in Atlanta. He was first called “Rim Crawler” because of his jumping ability but AND 1 teammate Hot Sauce eventually named him ‘Spyda’ because “he was catching everything”.

In 2003-2004, Spyda played for the Las Vegas Rattlers of the ABA alongside his AND 1 teammate, Helicopter. He started at point guard and averaged 11 points and five assists during the season. The team finished third in the ABA after losing in the first round of the playoffs despite Spyda’s 30 point and 10 assist effort. In 2004, he played part of the season with The Boston Frenzy of the ABA alongside AND 1 teammate, John "Helicopter" Humphrey.

Spyda was the 2nd contest winner in August of 2004 as a part of the third season of “Street Ball” on ESPN 2. He first appeared on the AND 1 scene when he tried out in the Los Angeles Open Run in 2003 and was selected to compete for an AND 1 endorsement contract. Despite not winning the contract last season, he demonstrated tremendous resolve and returned when he tried out again at the 2004 Las Vegas Open Run. Again, he was selected to join the Tour as a “TV player” and began competing for the AND 1 endorsement contract. He posted a tremendous summer highlighted by his dunking ability and was selected by the AND 1 Mix Tape players to become the newest member of their team. He was presented with an AND 1 jersey at the conclusion of 2004’s last game in Washington, DC on August 21st and has been officially with AND 1 since.

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