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[EvoTeam] Dwyane Wade II - The World is Mine

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Well finally it is finished. The continuation of “The rise of the Underworld”. But I say continuation, therefore I imagine that some among you wonders whether the mix will remain in the same style as the first mix. To tell the truth, at the beginning of the project from these 2 mix, this 2nd mix were to be on the same format as 1st, mixing of video music clip and Basket footage from approximately 6-7 musics devoted to the finale ′06. But, some criticize/remarks/requests in the coments on the 1st mix pushed me to re-examine complement my approach on this 2nd mix. So yes it is you who pushed me and justified with blocks to undertake mix the most impressive ever made to my knowledge.

I would not speak about the mix nor of his contents here, you will have noticed that there no was trailer this time. Initially I did not want to make some and especially I did not want anything revealed the whole on the aspect of the mix. What I wanted it is that you cannot expect what precisely await you.

What I can right statement, it is that this mix required 3 times of more work than any act of 20 years of dominance. For the 1st time for me, all the effects and post production were carried out under after effects that guaranteeing a result more than ever near to the professsionnl and effects ever made in the mixmaking.

My ambitions, when I began this “movie” were to carry out my best mix, to create the most beautiful realization, and same best the mix ever made in term of «big spectacle». I think that I carried out the majority of these amibtions, has you to judge now. To finish, to look at this mix as if you watch a cinema movie, turn off the light, push up the sound, watch on TV If you can.

2 versions are proposed *the first with the standart codec wmv9 in wmv, I lowered voluntarily the quality of this version for which is not too large since the mix are long. But as the footage source quality is superb so the quality is also good

*the second, this time, I have do it, with codec x264 hd in 1280*720, knowing that all the effects and titrations were carried out with this resolution, the hd version restores the best rendering, moreover the footage source of ABC HD, the quality is higher than the dvd of 20yod to compare it.

With you to play, my small councils:
- if your PC allows it take verson HD this time it is clearly, definitely higher quality than the wmv version and restitute the best quality.
- looked at the mix until the last second;)
- Put in a context dvd/movies to see i


Хорошее качество
Вес: 380 Мб
Разрешение: avi/h264 1280*720 16/9


Среднее качество
Вес: 240 Мб
Разрешение: wmv9 720*576 16/9


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2006-11-25 18:11:03
Без аватары mne ponravilas
Kit Kat
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2006-11-19 14:11:48
Аватара Качайте быстрей пока есть всем советую 21 минута длится фильм про Двэйна Вэйда.
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